Documentation Development

Documentation Development

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Consulting Services for Hospitals, Medical Centers and Outpatient Clinics
Documentation Development
Policies and Procedures
Policy and procedures documents can be provided in template form via Microsoft Word for easy word processing to customize for each facility.

Chamber logs and checklists

Chamber logs are required to keep a record of compressions, depth, and time. Pre and Post-treatment checklists are a critical component of staff and patient safety. Checklists provide a routine way to ensure that the chamber is set up in a safe and consistent manner for each patient treatment. Checklists provide documentation and accountability.

Patient and staff logs and patient checklists

Equally important for safety are logs that keep a record of how each patient has been treated, oxygen time and depth, vital signs, and patient information related to their treatment for each day. For facilities that operate multiplace chambers a separate log is kept for the inside attendants. These are critical documents as well to record several points associated with the attendant’s pressurization and depressurization. Patient checklists are used for prescreening a patient for their initial treatment and can be used daily or weekly as desired. They help in screening things out that can sometimes be overlooked and are an important part of consistent patient safety.

Patient education and consent

Patients are typically mystified for their first few hyperbaric treatments. Patient education can help patients learn about their own condition and how these treatments can help them, about safety and how they can help maintain safety, about side effects, contraindications, risks, and things like what to do when they have a cold or they have had a surgical procedure, etc.