Inspections and Evaluations


Convergent offers a comprehensive and detailed inspection and evaluation of chamber facilities. This includes chamber systems, components, ancillary equipment and operating procedures. We provide a systematic assessment followed with a detailed report of findings and recommendations. This report will provide useful information for managers, medical directors, safety directors, facility directors and/or hospital administrators regarding the current status and recommendations of targeted area(s) of inspection.

Areas to Consider

  • Compressed air systems: compressors, dryers, piping, receivers, and filtration.
  • Air quality and monitoring
  • Viewports and acrylic hulls
  • Fire suppression systems: deluge and hand lines
  • Bulk oxygen and medgas systems
  • Approved devices and equipment used inside the chamber
  • Chamber integrity: such as corrosion or damage to the hull, doors or medlocks
  • Chamber controls: automated and manual controls
  • Emergency and standard procedures
  • Competency of technical staff


  • Factual and analytical information
  • Practical recommendations
  • Compliance with codes, standards and guidelines
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Efficiency performance evaluations
  • Quality assessment and improvement

Standards of Inspections and Evaluation:

  • Competency of Inspectors:   Inspectors are trained, knowledgeable and experienced to perform these inspections and evaluations. They are able to provide a detailed report with evaluation details and recommendations that are practical and useful.
  • Impartial and Independent Reporting: (*Please see exception below.) Convergent and our consultants are independent of any financial or personal gain from vendors, manufacturers, contractors, or any such organizations.   Our inspectors will provide an unbiased report that is free from any direct or indirect personal gain. Recommendations will focus of the needs of the client as they relate to safety, efficiency, or quality improvement. *Exception: Convergent does, at times, receive a financial benefit from certain liquid oxygen (LOX) installations and medgas installations. This will be fully disclosed and explained if the inspection and evaluation involves any of these areas.
  • Professional Judgement: Inspectors will use diligence to inspect and evaluate with the highest degree of integrity, objectivity, thoroughness and professional judgement. They will use current resources, appropriate methods and applicable codes, standards and guidelines.
  • Professional Conduct: Inspectors will conduct themselves with the highest degree of respect with professional manner and dress.