Hyperbaric Personnel Training

The best training program is one that perpetuates itself in the routine of daily patient care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy operations.


Appropriate training is the foundation of safety.


Our training services create an integrated program of seven elements. Through the course of these steps safety becomes a primary goal for each employee and each takes ownership of their part in providing safety.


  1. Education – knowledge that provides the basis for understanding
  2. Training – instruction in techniques that constitute proficiency
  3. Understanding – comprehension of the material demonstrated through testing
  4. Implementation – application of the understanding and skills in patient care
  5. Replication – consistent performance over time
  6. Motivation – internalization of the values associated with the course material
  7. Appreciation – recognition of the benefits of the material and its value in actual practice


Convergent provides introductory training in the following areas:


  • Physiology and conceptual physics of the primary gas laws;
  • Common terms and definitions associated with HBOT
  • Operational safety (side effects and hazards of HBOT)
  • Establishing an effective safety program
  • Mechanisms of actions
  • Approved indications
  • Treatment protocols
  • Codes, standards, and regulations associated with HBOT
  • Organizations associated with HBOT
  • Medical photography