Existing Facility Planning

Engagement Model

Existing Systems Evaluation

Our consultants will perform an on-site inspection of the facility and review specific systems under consideration for replacement, or the complete array of installed systems. We will inspect the equipment during operation and interview treatment center staff about their experience with the systems and issues they encounter during daily procedures. We will also review the maintenance and operational logs for indications of current or incipient issues with the equipment.

Options Review

The best way to put upgrade options in context is for the appropriate treatment center staff to receive our presentation on the current state of the art in hyperbaric systems. This presentation can scheduled during the site visit for the systems evaluation.
Evaluation Report and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Evaluation Report and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Working from the checklists and notes produced during the on-site evaluation, we will prepare a written report of findings and recommendations. Particular attention will be given to current or potential safety issues that could be addressed by a system upgrade. To the extent made possible from the information available, we will also calculate the potential cost savings in relation to the investment made in an upgrade.

Vendor Selection

We can assist with selecting a vendor for an upgrade when there is a choice between potential suppliers. Installation services, cost, and timing should also be considered, and we will work with vendors to determine these factors.

Installation Management

Coordinating the installation of a system upgrade should be carefully planned to minimize downtime and other disruptions. Often installation requires the cooperation of a number of departments within the facility and may also require approvals at various levels within and outside the organization. Our consultants can provide you with the benefit of our experience in these aspects of an installation and help you map out and manage a smooth transition to the new system.

Areas to Consider

Replacing or refurbishing one or more of the support systems used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy can provide improved safety, lower maintenance costs, and improved efficiency and patient comfort. Modern versions of the following systems are substantially improved over previous generations of equipment:

  • Compressed air supply,
  • Air filtration,
  • Environmental control,
  • Medical gas,
  • Fire suppression,
  • Communications,
  • Hood and patient oxygen supply, and
  • Chamber controls.

Upgrading a treatment center’s hyperbaric chambers is a considerable undertaking, but one which can dramatically improve the facility’s capacity or range of services. Among the consideration are:

  • Converting from a single multiplace chamber to multiple monoplace chambers,
  • Increasing the number of monoplace chambers,
  • Replacing monoplace chambers with a multiplace chamber,
  • Creating a mixed environment of monoplace and multiplace chambers, and
  • Replacing a single-lock multiplace chamber with a multiplace chamber with multiple airlocks.