Focused Projects

Focused projects can be performed for any of the following aspects of hyperbaric treatment center operations:

  • Documentation Development
  • Safety Program Design
  • Training
  • Operating Procedures Standardization

We tailor the tasks and deliverables for a focused project to the individual requirements of the client and the aspect of hyperbaric operations we will be addressing. A typical focused engagement might consist of the following activities and deliverables:

Baseline Assessment and Report

Working with the treatment center’s staff, we perform a detailed review of current practices and documentation. This review can be conducted on site or, when appropriate, remotely via telephone, e-mail, and video conference. From this review we will produce a report outlining improvements we recommend.

Program Development

Our baseline assessment is the starting point for developing an implementation plan that meets the client’s clinical, financial, and management goals with efficient use of resources.


Depending on the client’s needs we can either take a hands-on role or serve in an advisory capacity. Whether we are training the treatment center’s staff or performing technical services, we work as partners with the treatment center team.

Progress Review

At the client’s request, we can return — in person or virtually — to assess how completely the project’s improvements have been internalized by the organization and how completely best practices have been adopted.

Service Options

Remote Consulting

Many of our services, such as documentation reviews, can be performed remotely. Communication with clients by phone, video conference, and internet-based screen-sharing can reduce or eliminate travel costs.

Site Visits

For some projects, such as training, having a person on site to work directly with staff and answer questions as they arise is still the best way to work. Our consultants are available for on-site work around the country.

Telephone Support

Being able to phone an expert can help a new treatment center mitigate its growing pains. We can provide ad hoc support by telephone.

E-Mail Support

For questions not requiring an immediate answer, or one that’s complex, e-mail support offers the ability to get a timely, written response.